I can’t write

As someone who studies’s philosophy and law, It is embarrassing not to be able to write. I have been writing short stories every week, and my mind was at its peak of creativity. However, right now, I can barely write what I am writing. English is not my native language, but I’ve been studying it since I was four years old. So you can say that I have a good understanding of this language, but there’s a long way between naturally learning something than studying for it.

Words are the sharpest swords to wield. They can cut so deep that they can take a man’s life. They’re also as soft as a cat’s tail. They can manipulate every heart and trick every mind if they’re used right. A charming compliment to someone can make their whole day. That would be very stupid to underestimate the power of words.

I used to write everything in my native language. It was going well, and I was happy with my writing, but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly I told myself: “ You learned a whole language. You have a God damn degree at it. Why the hell aren’t you using it?” I thought I wasn’t good enough. I thought to myself again: “Yeah, I can speak this language reasonably well. But writing? That needs literal knowledge, and even most native speakers don’t have that kind of knowledge.” So what could I do? Bruce Lee once said: “ Practice makes perfect. After a long time practicing, our work will become natural, skillful, swift, and steady.” And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write as often as possible, and I’ll read until it gets casual to me. I want to fill this Medium page with multiple stories about my life.

To the few who read these stories, I’ll very much appreciate it if you comment on the mistakes I make in my writings. I’m not here to lecture people; I’m here to learn and experience. This is what life’s all about, experiencing.




Trying to become a lawyer, Trying to become a philosopher, Trying to become a writer, trying to live…

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Cowboy who writes

Cowboy who writes

Trying to become a lawyer, Trying to become a philosopher, Trying to become a writer, trying to live…

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